UNIC mini-crawler crane is incredibly compact and useful lifting equipment. UNIC mini-crawler crane is perfect lifting equipment that enables to meet wide variety of applications and ideal tools to support lifting works wherever access is restricted or working space is confined. Its excellent accessibility and flexibility will make many labour-intensive lifting operations be easier, safer and faster by UNIC mini-crawler crane. Tunnel Operation, For-easy, Glass lifting & installation

UNIC is Compact
UNIC mini-crawler cranes are excel-lent lifting equipment that quickly, safely and easily meets all of restrict-ed and confined area lifting re-quirements.
UNIC is Powerful
UNIC mini-crawler cranes are power-ful lifting tools in confined area where no other lifting equipment’s could have gone before.
UNIC is Clean
UNIC mini-crawler cranes with elec-tric power option are ideal for working indoors where exhaust fumes are strictly restricted. Electric motor cuts down the pollution and noise levels to a minimum.
Recommended application:
Shopping Mall, Warehouse, Factory & Airport operation, Roof-top, In Be-tween Floor, Underground operation, Steel erection Monument Lifting, Landscaping, Machinery Removal & Installation, Power Plant Maintenance

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